Hi Gary Thank you so much for the work you did today. My mother would be one of the hardest people to please especially with cleaning. Seriously her standards of cleaning is extremely high. It was gobsmacked when my mother rang and told me how happy she was with your work. She was over the moon..  All she kept saying was “it looks like new and that you did a wonderful job.² and how nice you were.  I don¹t recall my mother ever being so excited over anything like she was tonight. I was so happy to hear that from my mum. She also told me that you left a message for what needs doing to fix the stove which I will look into when I go over there next time.. Is there anyone that I can email to let them know how happy my mother was and what a great job you have done? I’m assuming your a franchise. Any reviews that I can put up. I do feel you do need recognition for a job well done. Do hope this puts a smile on your face and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and being up to mothers standards lol – Ana