By Rik Hellewell on 10th July 2020 (updated: 24th June 2021) in Oven Cleaning Tips

The seal on your oven’s door might not be something you usually spend much time thinking about, but when it goes wrong you will notice faster than you might think.

A damaged oven seal can cause a number of problems, from the inconvenience of an unevenly heated oven, to the energy efficiency which is reduced dramatically with an ineffective seal, even going so far as to cause burn damage to surrounding areas. Oven seals are designed to withstand high temperatures, but after years of heat and use the rubber can become damaged – as a simple test, feel around the door of the oven when it’s on to see if there is any hot air leaking out.

Baked cakes showing the difference a clean oven has on baking performance

Quick Fixes

Many people resent the $20 – $60 cost for a good oven seal which is resistant to high temperatures, is flame retardant and non-toxic, thinking that a quick fix is all they need. But this is a potentially dangerous thought, especially if the first instinct for these people is to use superglue to fix the problem! Adhesives containing cyanoacrylate can be turned into damaging cyanide poisons when exposed to the kind of high temperatures found near the oven, and may become flammable.

There are a number of adhesive products which claim to fix oven door seals,  although these rarely work for any more than a few months at a time.

Universal seals are another tempting option, but they need to be cut down to the right size which can be quite fiddly, and the fittings may not be in the correct place for your oven, making them much more complicated to install. Replacing the seal with a non genuine part may also void your warranty with your oven’s manufacturer. Finding the proper replacement part which goes with your oven is highly desirable, although it may cost you a little more as it will be of the same high quality that came with your oven.

Oven being cleaned

Installing a New Seal

Ensuring that you have the right seal for your oven is very important. You will need the make, model and serial number of the appliance.

You can call an oven repairman or your manufacturers service department and they will come out and install a seal for you.

If you have already purchased the correct seal for your oven, we are able to install most seals for you, whilst we are at your home to clean your oven.

The next time you cook using your oven, check to see that the oven door seal is still in the correct place and isn’t allowing any hot air to escape – at least if you find that it is faulty, you’ll know it is time to get it fixed!

Dismantling an oven before cleaning