Our oven was so filthy but when we left it for the new tenants it was like brand new! Luke is a magician! Cannot recommend him enough! Greg Chapman – Hamilton Hill 6163

Very Good Job – Yvonne Da Silva – Spearwood 6163


oven cleaning reviews on Little Aussie

Luke from Ovenu did a fantastic job cleaning my oven in October. Luke was easy to deal with, punctual and stuck to his quote. He also took the oven trays and cleaned them overnight, which was above and beyond the service that I expected. I highly recommend Luke and Ovenu to anyone who needs a professional job of their oven. Jennifer D –  Spearwood

Luke did an amazing job, my oven looks brand new again ! Pauline R – Beeliar

Oven cleaning review – Posted on Little Aussie site

Luke was really professional and tidy when cleaning my oven, grill, stove top and range hood. It was absolutely spotless and like new again. I would highly recommend Luke in the future. Marie C – Coogee – published in Little Aussie Directories

oven cleaning review Coogee

My oven looks like brand new, it’s unbelievable!! I don’t want to use it any more now as I love how amazing it looks 😅  Kristina   –  Roleystone

Had Luke come and do my oven and stove. Very professional, clean and friendly – would recommend to everybody. Gail   –  Coolbellup

We have used Ovenu twice now and the service if fantastic, Luke makes your oven like brand new. Elizabeth  –  Roleystone

Little Aussie Directory recommendations

On time and no mess. Oven came up good as new after 10 years without a clean.                 Nic –  Hamilton Hill  6163

Cleaning the oven is a job at the top of my hate to do jobs. I have had Luke clean my oven on a regular basis. He is professional, accommodating and does an extremely good job. I don’t want to use it after he has been as it is so clean. Jean  –  Jandakot 6164 

Despite my best efforts my oven was looking a tad sad and greasy, until it was transformed into a gleaming new-looking one in no time at all by the guy from Ovenu. What a great service, easy to organise, on time and no mess. Definitely a happy customer and will definitely be using Ovenu again.  Debbie  –  Atwell  6164

oven cleaning reviews from Little Aussie Directory

We have used the services of a few advertisers in our local Little Aussie Directory and have been pleased with each company. We highly recommend Luke from Ovenu. He is very professional, responds to messages and questions promptly and brought our grubby looking oven back to its shining glory. Anisah   –  Aubin Grove 

Great job done cleaning my oven – about to book him again.  Robyn   –  Munster

Oven cleaning reviews on Little Aussie Directory

Was very satisfied with work done. It was efficient and clean with great results. We have no hesitation in recommending the service to anyone needing an oven cleaned.

Luciano M  –  Bibra Lake 6163

Oven cleaning review on Little Aussie

Ovenu left me with a BRILLIANT clean oven which lasted for a long time post clean. I appreciated the attention to detail and the added extras like changing the broken light bulb. Excellent service!  Michelle F  –  Hamilton Hill WA

clean oven review

My oven was in a terrible state due to the fact that I have 3 kids, 3 dogs, work two days a week and run my own business from home. I felt extra bad for the time taken to clean it with no extra charged!!Shonelle  –  Hammond Park WA

Review posted on Little Aussie Directory

The job was done properly and efficiently. We have no hesitation in recommending the Ovenu business to friends and relatives. It’s a job which really needed to be done.Luciano  –  Bibra Lake Review posted on the Little Aussie 

Absolutely fantastic cleaning service. My oven was as clean as new. – Lee  –  Bibra Lake 

Little Aussie oven cleaning review

For Christmas last year I paid to get my Nana’s oven cleaned by this company from the advertisement in the Little Aussie Directories. They did a fabulous job. The oven was looking brand new after the clean and her Christmas cooking tasted better than ever last year. I would highly recommend them to anyone for a very professional clean of their oven.  Zoie  –  Bibra Lake  6163

Little Aussie Oven cleaning review


 What a great idea! My oven is so hard to clean and I didn’t know oven cleaning was a service that was provided, till I read about Ovenu in the last issue of Little Aussie Directories. I always like to shop locally and your directory certainly makes this easier. Dave  –  Martin 6110

I find it difficult to clean my oven so when I heard about Ovenu I thought that would be a great idea. The service was wonderful and my oven looked sparkling and as good as new. He replaced a blown light bulb as well. It’s an added bonus that Little Aussie Directories offer $10 off the service! Trina  –  Atwell  6164

Friendly, efficient, thorough service. Tempted to get Ovenu to clean my oven regularly and not just when we move. Erin –  East Fremantle 6158

Oven cleaning was fast, efficient and friendly service with amazing Rachele  –  Success 6164


Little Aussie Reviews

Luke Carey of Ovenu was professional and efficient with his service. My oven looks like it’s brand new after each professional clean. I have recommended Luke to friends to have also been equally happy with his service. Without Little Aussie Directories, many of these small business owners wouldn’t have the local trade they need to keep afloat. Belinda  – Munster

Munster review

Natalie       Atwell

Very professional, very helpful and used four times. Great job!

Zoe –    Success

Ovenu did a great job at cleaning our oven. Professional, no mess, natural products and the oven was sparkling inside and out. Will be getting the oven cleaned by them again before Christmas.

Heather       Beeliar

 Amazing cleaning job by Luke! Makes my oven look brand new.  I’ll be getting this done regularly.

Susan       North Lake

I’ve used this service and it was terrific. I was very happy with the finished product.

Brian      Beeliar

Have used Ovenu twice now and they were very professional and did a fantastic job both times, for a reasonable price! Would happily recommend them to anyone and will use them again myself very soon!

Michelle       Success

I used this company they completely exceeded my expectations! My 6.5 year old oven and stove top were literally sparkling and looked brand new. I was very happy with the price after seeing the results and the time that the man took pulling everything apart – he was here for over an hour! I even put a photo of my clean oven with a recommendation for Ovenu on Facebook.

Narelle       Roleystone

Luke did a really thorough job on my oven. Very prompt and professional! Will be getting him back.

Alan       Coogee

Luke came to my home on time and did a great job of cleaning my oven. I am very pleased I saw this ad in your magazine.

Fiona   Beeliar

The worst job in the house is cleaning the oven. OvenU make it easy and really affordable and do such a fabulous job, my oven looks brand new again. I will never clean my own oven again.

Catherine       Atwell

So happy OvenU brought my oven back to brand new condition and I will always call OvenU for a brilliant oven clean.

Michelle      Success

Very professional and thorough job.

Ryan     Success

I could not believe how sparkling clean my oven was it looked brand new!

Ryan      Hammond Park

Brilliant. Looks like a brand new oven and has added a sparkle to our kitchen.

Claudio     Munster

Very professional and very impressed with the work performed in a timely manner. Will be very happy to recommend his services to others.

Brenda     Hamilton Hill

I have used OvenU twice and both times had excellent service from Luke. Almost time again!!

Lisa       Beeliar

Luke was very professional and our oven was left beautifully and sparkling clean,with no caustic smells,a beautiful finish

Karen     Roleystone

My oven was trashed from cooking duck. Thanks to OvenU I have a ‘new’ oven.

Raquel   Hammond Park

Very professional & great servic

Melinda       Spearwood

I was looking for an oven cleaner as it was one of those jobs I never have time to get to. Luke provided exceptional customer service and my oven looked like brand new!

Sandra    Hamilton Hill

I’d never used a professional oven cleaning service before so didn’t know what to expect. The results were great and the discount received by mentioning the ad was a welcome bonus.

Rebecca      Jandakot

Luke came and cleaned my oven and did a magnificent job. He was polite and courteous, efficient and cleaned all his mess up on completion. I recommend him highly.

Lisa     Aubin Grove

Luke cleaned my oven. He was on time, worked independently and quickly and my oven looked like it was brand new!!!

Anisah      Aubin Grove

Luke was very professional and prompt with his replies to our inquiry for his oven cleaning services. He also did an amazing job, turning our grubby and really stained oven into a sparkling one that looks like it is brand new. He didn’t leave a mess after his job too, which is a bonus and the cleaning products he used did not make the oven smell after he completed with the clean. Fantastic job, Luke. We are very impressed! Thank you Aussie Directory as we found him through your booklet.


oven cleaning Reviews from Little Aussie Directory

02 Apr 2017      Chris Willis      Spearwood
Luke from Ovenu did a fantastic job with my oven – first time I’ve had an ad that delivered EVERYTHING it said it would do. Luke was a delightful young man, very professional and so tidy. When he had gone you’d never know he had been, except of course for my gleaming oven. My neighbour was so impressed she also booked Luke. Certainly won’t be cleaning my oven again – not with Luke around.

24 Mar 2017      Catherine Cartledge      Atwell
Excellent service and I’m so happy my oven has returned to brand new condition after Ovenu cleaned it for me!!

23 Mar 2017      Pavel Yakimenko      Aubin Grove
I didn’t want to clean my oven and discussed it with my wife. We opened the directory and on page eleven we found – “we clean ovens” – no worries. A nice guy detailed our oven, all the grease, fat and grime removed. We were happy.

posted on Little Aussie Directory

15 Mar 2017      Graham – Hammond Park
They do a great job, oven comes up like new.

13 Mar 2017      Karen – Roleystone
Amazing business. Never knew that I would have a ‘new’ oven again!
14 Feb 2017      Raine –  Jandakot
Fantastic job. Very obliging young man, on time and very professional. I have asked him to book me in for a call in six months to review the state of the oven. He even fixed the globe that had been blown for ever – one of those jobs hubby didn’t like to tackle. 

Reviews from the Little Aussie Directory

27 Jan 2017      Ivan – Cockburn Central
Magnificent – used them before and about to use them again. Others do a poor job and leave a mess. Ovenu is professional, courteous, on time and well priced. Couldn’t possibly do a job as good as this myself. Would recommend them to anyone – go Ovenu.

23 Jan 2017      Mark – Hamilton Hill
Have used Ovenu, kept to his appointment time and was very good at his job. The oven came out like new and left everything clean and tidy.

21 Jan 2017      Gael – Spearwood

There is one job I hate doing and that’s cleaning the oven! Ovenu make it look brand new and I love it!

21 Jan 2017      Leanne – Munster

I have used Ovenu in the past and they did a fantastic job on my oven. It looked like new again. The technician that came out was very friendly and professional and he did a great job.

21 Jan 2017      Hayley – Success
My oven was the cleanest it’s even been, he even changed my oven globe since it was broken and the extra $10 off was a bonus.

20 Jan 2017      Lisa – Beeliar
My husband and I used Ovenu. Luke was very professional, he arrived on time, and my oven was cleaned with a non-caustic and biodegradable solution. And my oven was left in a beautiful and sparkling condition Very impressed with his professional manner 

19 Jan 2017      Rachel – Hamilton Hill
Arranged for theses guys to clean my daughters oven – boy did it need it. Excellent job, could see your face in the finished surfaces.

19 Jan 2017      Cherie –  Spearwood

My oven has never been so sparkly and clean since it was new. Great service and super friendly. Won’t be roasting pork in my oven for a while haha

19 Jan 2017      Sarah –  Hammond Park
I had my 900mm oven cleaned by Luke at Ovenu. It had been almost 2 years since it was cleaned and it turned out amazing!! It could have been a brand new oven it was so clean. I’ve recommended Ovenu to lots of people because of my experience. So glad I found them in the Little Aussie Directory.  

16 Jan 2017      Michelle  –  Success

I was amazed at how clean my 6.5 year old oven and stove top looked after being cleaned by Ovenu – it was literally sparkling and looked brand new! I was also very impressed with their professionalism, prompt reply to my quote request and low odour of the cleaning products.

From the Little Aussie Directory site

03 Dec 2016      Michelle –  Atwell Contacted Luke for a quote, was very pleasant, competitive with others, went the distance to help out and offers environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

29 Nov 2016      Mabel – Aubin Grove Great service and he was on time .. oven as new as ever

05 Nov 2016      Karen –  Yangebup I have had Luke clean my oven a couple of times a year and every time it comes up sparkling like new. Luke is always prompt and professional and does his job with a smile. Love your work Luke!!!!!

Little Aussie Testimonials

Mary – Jandakot When you get a friendly and welcoming voice on the telephone you know you’ve gone to the right place! A terrific job on cleaning my oven too, thanks Luke and thanks to the (Jandakot) Little Aussie Directory :))

Yvonne – Beeliar
Luke was punctual friendly and did a fantastic job of my dirty oven! He is even returning to clean my BBQ so I am Summer ready😊

Audrey – Aubin Grove Used the local Ovenu guy a while back and he was fantastic. My oven was sparkling….I didn’t want to use it!! Saved me precious time and the price was very reasonable.

Source: Little Aussie Directory

04 Sep 2016      Debbie  – Spearwood 6163  “I love LIttle Aussie for many reasons and have used many advertisers and love the recipes and the “Handy Home Hints”, but the advertiser that stands out more is OvenU. I am a bit of a clean freak and never felt I could get my ovens clean enough so rang OvenU and was very, very impressed with their service. It took a couple of hours and my ovens were taken apart shelve after shelve and taken out to the OvenU van and each piece returned sparkling clean and my ovens where put back together. They managed to bring my ovens back to brand new. I was so excited and had to keep opening the oven door to look in at my beautiful ovens. I know not everyone gets excited over a clean oven but I do and I would highly recommend this service to everyone.”

21 Sep 2016      Ellie – Bibra Lake 6163  “Had a really friendly and helpful man clean my Oven. He did a great job and even gave me a discount for the areas he wasn’t able to reach. Highly recommend.”

Posted on the Little Aussie Directory site:

Hi Luke, Just wanted to thank you again for cleaning our ovens last Friday.  You really did a fantastic job and I am so very pleased with how the ovens cleaned up.  A big thank you also for staying extra time and cleaning the microwave and rangehood too, given I had forgotten to include those when I booked you! Bronwyn – South Perth

 I thought the business was very professionally operated and my oven was left sparkling clean.  Raquel – Hammond Park 6164
Allergic to cleaners and oven was grubby. No smell, no reaction and a clean stove – Pam – Hamilton Hill  6163
I will never break my nails again by cleaning my oven myself when I can call “”OVENU””.My oven is like new again, it’s sparkling, fresh – I LOVE it..  Shelley Seville Grove 6112

Testimonials posted on the Independent Little Aussie site

We had John clean our oven today and what an excellent job. It looks brand new and his friendliness and professionalism was fantastic. Thank you – Kath – Lesmurdie

I am so impressed with both the result and the level of service that John provided whilst cleaning my oven. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know – Sharon – South Lake

I was so happy with the job that John did. My oven is sparkling clean again. Your friendly and professional manner was excellent. Thank you so much I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends – Trisha – Maida Vale

Ovenu Success Testimonials

Lovely friendly, helpful and most of all a great clean oven like new. Thanks so much – Megan – South Lake

John was extremely friendly and professional. My oven looks fantastic, Thank you – Jane – Baldivis

I have tried many times to clean my oven…Nothing compares to the Ovenu clean. Fabulous, professional, thank you so much – Annie – Kalamunda

Success Testimonials

I’ve never seen my oven look this good. Years of embarrassing grease build up. Thanks for doing such a great job – it was well earned. Hope it looks better next time I call you to clean it. Brilliant Result, Thanks John – Sandy – Bibra Lake

Thank you for cleaning my oven and cooktop. Very happy with the service and quality of work. Will recommend you to family and friends – Hope – Atwell

Wow! I don’t ever remember my oven looking that clean. It is back to looking brand new. Thank you John, you’ve done a wonderful job on my oven and rangehood and next time I won’t wait so long to get them done – Katie – Beeliar

Success Testimonials

John is a magician. Our oven, hotplate and rangehood look brand new. I would recommend John to everyone it is an amazing job. Thank you very much – Jacqui – Munster

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did today. I absolutely hate cleaning my oven and you did a great job. – Marie – Atwell

Oven looks and smells new! Very happy with the end result. Thank you, the service is fantastic. – Lauren – Coolbellup

Success Testimonials

John has done a fantastic job cleaning my very dirty oven. It is now sparkling !!  Cathy  Bibra Lake  6163

Professional right from the start! My oven looks fantastic & would recommend this service Excellent thanks John.   Phillippa   Gosnells 6110

Your representative John did an amazing job on our oven. It looks fantastic and his customer service was a delight.  Helen   Roleystone 6111

John is wonderful to have cleaning my oven. He is helpful, clean & tidy. He did a terrific job, we would recommend him to anyone. Thank you. Vicki   Aubin Grove  6164