Cleaning Franchise Opportunities in Sydney, New South Wales

Looking For Something Different?

For those who have gotten sick of the 9 to 5, who want to take their work / life balance into their own hands and work for someone they trust – themselves – franchising can be an incredible way forward.

The way our franchising system works is that you start off by owning your own part of the franchise business, working as both owner and operator. You can keep doing it this way if you like, or you can begin to expand your business, recruiting others to help you with the physical work while you kick back and just worry about management. We’ve got lots of help for you in the way of sales and marketing, but after a while you’ll hopefully want to take control yourself, and perhaps eventually run your own mini fleet.

While not everybody will want to pay for someone to clean their oven there are many that do – and thanks to our exclusive formulas which are environmentally friendly, non-caustic and safe around families, those who give it a go often become regulars. And unlike setting up your own business, you’ll have us every step of the way to help, offer advice and make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing.


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