Mother’s Day 2015

Although Mother’s Day traditions have started all over the world and for many reasons, Australia’s is relatively recent.

The tradition of gift giving was first initiated by Janet Heydon who lived in Sydney. In 1924 she visited patients at the Newington State Home and found that there were many forgotten mothers there who were incredibly lonely – to support them, she enlisted local businesses and school children to bring gifts to the women. The holiday has grown since then and is now part of the worldwide mother’s day tradition of giving cards and flowers to mums, grandmothers, and other female caregivers.


One of the best ways to make the special woman in your life happy is to bring her a delicious breakfast in bed! Although the first two recipes are really for adults to do, you can get the kids involved with the last sweet treat.


Ham and Egg Crepes

Start by making the crepes. Mix together 150g of plain flour, a large egg and 325ml of milk. Melt 30 grams of unsalted butter and leave to cool slightly, then add the melted butter to the mixture.

Heat up a griddle pan or something similar, rub a little butter over the pan and when it’s good and hot, dollop a few ladles of batter in. Swirl it around to cover the base and after about a minute, when it’s solid flip it over and cook for another thirty seconds. Put it on a lined baking tray and turn the oven on to 350°F.

Lay a couple of slices of a fancy ham or other cold meat inside the crepe. Leave a little hole in the middle, and crack an egg into that hole. Fold over the corners of the crepe, season with black pepper and salt, and then bake for about twelve minutes – until the egg white is set, but preferably the yolk is still a little runny. For a nice touch, add chives to finish.


Eggs in a Basket (of Love)

Image belongs to Betsy WeberTransform this traditional motherly breakfast with a twist of your own. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter (or a knife, carefully) to cut a heart shape out of a thick piece of bread. Spread each side with butter, and then sauté the bread in a pan for a few minutes until it’s going golden brown. Lower the heat.

Break an egg into the hole in the toast and cover up to cook – when the whites have gone solid, about five minutes, it’s done. Pop it on a plate with the cut out bit of bread (if it still has a shape) for dipping eggs, and decorate the plate with a few chrysanthemums, as is traditional for Mother’s Day.


Easy Nutella Brownies

Get the kids involved with mixing, just make sure a grown up handles the hot stuff!

Mix a small jar of Nutella, two eggs and brownie65g of plain flour thoroughly until the batter becomes smooth. Pour the batter into a lined baking pan about 9×9 inches and then cook in an oven preheated to 350°F.

Bake for fifteen minutes; check to see if it’s done by putting a toothpick or clean knife in, and if it comes out clean they’re done! Brownies can dry out if you cook them for too long, but mum will barely notice if you dollop some ice cream or custard on!


And remember to tell your mother, your grandmother, your aunts, the mothers of your children, and pretty much any maternal figure in your life how much you appreciate them!