New Year Detox – Part 2

If you saw our first blog post on how to give your kitchen a deep clean and a detox for the beginning of the year, we bet your kitchen is now gleaming. If you want it to remain clean and tidy, this is one New Year’s resolution you’ll need to stay on top of.

We talk you through how to keep on top of your cleaning with top tips and life hacks to make keeping your kitchen clean as easy and pain-free as can be.

Get Organised

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Make yourself a checklist and break it down into weekly, monthly and annual tasks. Some things will need more attention than others. For example, you need to clean your fridge only every few weeks, so this can become a monthly task.

Here we explain what you need to do and when, so it’s a quick and easy reference for you to grab your rubber gloves and go.

Weekly Tasks

The Floor

Runaway food and dust can build up quickly and easily, especially in a room that’s used so much, so vacuum and mop the floor every week to prevent a build-up of dirt.


Wipe inside the oven, hob, hood, microwave and toaster to remove splashes, spills and crumbs. Doing this weekly will make it a five-minute job; if you let it go for longer, you’ll need to put in a bit of elbow grease, which naturally we all want to avoid.


Wipe down the sink and bowl to avoid lasting stains and water marks. Do this every time you wash up as sinks have a tendency to look grubby quite quickly.



It’s important to take your bins out regularly, but it’s also essential to clean the bin itself to avoid stale smells and a build-up of germs. Remove your bin bag as normal then add cleaning detergent with hot water; next, swill to reach all parts of the bin and leave to soak.

Top Tip

Put the lid on so it steam-cleans the entire bin.

When it’s cooled, throw the water away outside so as not to create a backlog of scum in your kitchen sink, then wipe dry. It’s important to dry it properly as germs can build and spread in dark, damp places.


Wipe down light switches that gather grubby fingerprints, dust light fixtures and check for any bulbs that have gone so that you can change them.


Flush the sink drain with boiling water. We recommend adding some lemon water and vinegar for a deeper and more abrasive clean.



Remove the food and shelves and clean the fridge with warm, soapy water, then thoroughly dry before putting the cleaned shelves back in.

Now is the time to do a fridge rotation: check the labels and discard any expired food. Bring the oldest items to the front and put the newest to the back so you’re less likely to waste anything.


The food in the freezer is less perishable than the food in the fridge, so it doesn’t need as thorough a rotation, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll have frozen peas escaping out of the bag so it’s good to do a clear-up. Wipe the freezer drawers down whilst you’re at it.


Kitchen windows are prone to steaming up when you’re cooking, and even if you’ve got the extractor fan on, condensation will still build up; this can leave marks on the glass when it dries. It’s best to get out your glass cleaner and microfibre cloth to wipe it all down. If you can, clean the outside of the windows too, though we think this is best left to the professionals to avoid injury.

Every Few Months


The dishwasher can only clean your dishes if it’s clean itself, so don’t forget to give it a break and a deep clean every once in a while – this will also avoid a build-up of limescale and prevent it from breaking all together.

Simply empty the dishwasher, pop in some cleaning detergent and turn on, letting the dishwasher focus on cleaning itself rather than the dishes. When it’s done, you can carry on adding your loads as normal.


photo 1_maidenhead_Ryan

It’s important to stay on top of your oven cleaning; dirt, grime and germs can build up on the oven walls and doors quickly. Although you should wipe the oven every week or so, a deep clean should also be done every few months. That’s where we come in.

Ovenu is Australia’s leading oven-cleaning specialist. Using eco-friendly products, we get the deepest clean with no harsh chemicals so your oven will look as good as new.

If cleaning the oven sounds too arduous, simply contact us today and we’ll arrange for a member of our friendly team to come and clean it for you.

Ovens work to a higher and healthier standard when they are spotlessly clean, so don’t avoid getting yours cleaned; contact Ovenu.


Top Tips

Here at Ovenu, we love a top tip and life hack – anything to make our lives that little bit easier without cutting corners.

Here’s a couple that we’ve come across to help clean and organise your kitchen space. We regularly upload handy tips and tricks, so don’t forget to check out our other blogs for the ultimate clean.

  • Hang cork on the inside of your cabinets to hang shopping lists and recipes. This helps your kitchen look and feel less cluttered and means you’ve not got numerous pieces of paper hanging on the fridge door if you don’t want them there.
  • Lemons can help eradicate water marks on stainless steel. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the inside onto the affected area. Wipe clean with a microfibre cloth and you’ll have the sparkle back in your stainless steel in no time.
  • Slowly boil water with citrus fruit whilst you clean; this releases a zesty scent in to the air for an eco-friendly and cheap alternative to air fresheners.


If you’ve got the ultimate cleaning tip, why not send it in to us? We’d love to know even more helpful and handy tips for how to get a deep clean for a fraction of the effort and money.

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