There could be a new territory available near you, or even an existing Ovenu franchise for sale!

A re-sale is a genuine purchase of an established business, usually because the original franchisee is looking for a return on their starting investment, or because they are retiring.

Re-sales work out great for the new buyer as they get to walk straight into an established territory and customer base, and can start trading on day one. As well as the usual training and support, an existing client database and territory, you will also usually get their liveried vehicle.

What could be better? Rather than having to start from the bottom and work your way up you can step in half way up the ladder with a trusted brand and immediate pay-offs. Also, because you have this huge head start you can often easily expand beyond the previous franchisee’s sales.

The only difference with franchising is that the new owner has ongoing support from the very people who trained their predecessor. New franchisees who take a re-sale package will be trained and invited into the Ovenu franchise network. They are then given all the relevant information to get going, and are supported throughout their careers.

We’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their dream of owning a successful business and in doing so have built Ovenu into the internationally recognised brand that it is today, which has in turn generated demand for more of our Ovenu businesses across the country. So if you’d rather build your business from the ground up then you can start your own Ovenu Franchise in a completely new territory. There are plenty of opportunities across Australia with the potential for a pro-active individual to take charge and build a large client base of their own.

Each one of our new territories on offer has the potential to reap huge dividends for the person that takes charge of it. We always ensure that each territory we offer has a minimum of 40,000 homes, so that you have plenty of opportunities for reaching new clients; you’ll also receive the same in-depth professionally accredited training and tools that all our franchisees receive. There are territories open across the entire country with certain areas, such as Sydney, in particular need of new franchisees.

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