We’ve learnt a thing or two over the decades that we’ve been in this industry, and chief of those, above all else,  is that people want flexibility when they’re looking for a new business opportunity. We are confident that our Franchise Package is the most comprehensive in our sector – and we hope that you’ll agree!

Our standard 5+5 Franchise package could suit an older franchisee who doesn’t want to commit to the longer contractual obligations that are offered by other franchise businesses. Similarly, if you’re a little younger and still want to keep your options open, or are low on capital, then this opportunity to get involved with a leading brand franchise could be just what you are looking for.

All of the Franchise territories that we offer include exclusive access to use the Ovenu brand in a territory of between 35,000 – 40,000 homes. As part of the 5+5 agreement, you’ll also have the option to sell or renew your contract after your first five years, giving you the flexibility to step away from the business should you wish to.


Our 5+5 Franchise offer gives prospective business owners an accessible opportunity to enter into the profitable oven cleaning sector with plenty of attractive benefits including:

  • 10 days on the job training with real customers, under the guidance of a State Manager.
  • Eye-catching, professional sign-writing on your vehicle.
  • Generous start up pack of our exclusive Ovenu products, which has produced world-class results for over two decades.
  • Our eco-friendly products are non-caustic and non-toxic. These products are made exclusively for Ovenu and will typically cost less than 3% of your turnover.
  • You’ll benefit from having access to our industry-leading equipment which we will arrange to have fitted into your van.
  • Our heated process tank will be your ultimate labour saving device and give you the edge over your competitors.
  • We’ll give you all the ‘secret weapons’ that our technicians use to get their jobs done fast and effectively, as well as our premium quality branded workwear.
  • We have a 1300 number call centre to take your calls, so you can get on with the job at hand.
  • We’ll also give you advice for a targeted marketing campaign in your own Territory with our tried and tested marketing tools.
  • We will set up your own business social media page which we will manage for you for 6 months with targeted marketing. You’ll also have your own web page on our Ovenu site.
  • Public Liability insurance for the first 12 months included.
  • Access and training on our own client management system.
  • By joining the Ovenu network you’ll become a part of an internationally recognised brand that has the powerful marketing clout that befits such an established business.

Should you wish to register your interest then please fill in your details in the form on this page and we’ll send you a summary of our package offer, including information about fees, earning potentials.

If our 5+5 Franchise package sounds like it might be the right option for you then you can find out more about what we can offer you below.

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If you get to the end of this page and want to learn more you can just fill in the “Register Your Interest” form on the right, and then we’ll get in touch to discuss the next step!

So let’s see what’s included in your Start-Up Package.

Comprehensive Training – To ISO standards.

For induction training, we take you along for two weeks of first-hand training with one of our WA Training Managers or experienced State Directors.

Every single one of our training staff have had over nine years of experience within the business, and have all the knowledge and materials to make sure you are fully trained. Before long you’ll find that you’re a vital part of our global cleaning family!

Our experts are on-hand to teach you what you can and can’t do. We’ll also take you through all of our unique, environmentally-friendly products and tools, as well as how to use them most efficiently. From the very first day, you’ll gain cleaning experience, guided by your own Trainer. Although we usually expect to be able to clean three ovens in a day we will start you off with just two, making sure you have plenty of time to ask questions and do a good job without rushing or panicking.

Canning Vale Oven Cleaner

Getting ‘on the job’ experience will also be great for showing you the kind of people skills that will ensure you always get return customers, how to balance the actual oven cleaning with answering phones, and how to quote for cleanings over the phone and take bookings.

Because we understand ISO standards, you can be sure that we’ll train you fully until you’re confident. The ‘Ovenu’ logo is a recognised marque of quality which will show potential customers that you have reached an exacting standard of skill. We start your training relatively early in the morning so that we can go on for as long as it takes you to get comfortable, revisiting anything you might not be sure of.

We are more concerned about teaching you these valuable skills than getting out early!

And don’t worry, we don’t cut you loose as soon as you finish. Our business constantly evolves and we will be on hand to help you throughout your time working with Ovenu, no matter what happens.

Vehicle Signage

Over the course of your training week we’ll get your van written out with some eye-catching signage. Having this signage on all of our franchisee’s vans all over the world means everyone knows you’re part of a well-established and respected company, so no matter which van you go for we’ll make it work.

As you can see from the pictures, this isn’t a tacky decal on the side but vision-film and glazed tail-gates – the professionalism of this appearance will help to support your claims of quality and work as free and easy promotional media!

Professional oven cleaners, Ovenu, Van

We don’t mind which van you want to get for your business – how boring would it be if all of our fleets looked exactly identical?! We also wouldn’t demand that you use any specific make or model, or leasing company. Because of this, our van Process Equipment can be tailored to fit any van at all!

The most common type of van our franchisees get is a “regular-sized” van, usually with two seats up front and space in the rear.

Some of our franchisees like to go for a more mid-sized van with three seats up in the front, so they can be used for picking kids up from school and doing the weekly shop. A few even have larger vans that they can fit fishing and camping equipment in. You still want to be able to use it on your days off, after all!

The only requirements we insist on for your van is that it’s white and in good condition – it doesn’t even have to be new, it just has to be in good working condition and rust-free. Pre-owned white vans can be fairly inexpensive, although we’ve been assured that vans with lift-up backs are the best to protect you from heat and rain while you get working.

Having a shiny new van or a custom license plate isn’t what gets in customers – they just want to know that you can show up when agreed and get a good job done. But don’t worry just yet – we can talk more about this later on.

Exclusive Ovenu Products

We will sort you out with everything you need in the way of consumables and bespoke products for the first three months of trading.

Professional Oven cleaning products

Part of our effective business model is using excellent quality, bespoke oven cleaning products. We own all the formulae for our products, and no one outside of our cleaning network is permitted to use them, giving you a huge advantage over other cleaning companies. Our core products are made under license right here in Australia, or in some cases shipped over from the UK.

Our products are popular with franchisees and customers alike, mostly because they aren’t just efficient but also incredibly environmentally-friendly! Unlike commercial oven cleaners, families won’t have to evacuate their homes before a cleaning or worry about leftover toxic fumes hurting their families or pets.

We think that being eco-friendly is a really important part of any modern business, and it means that our franchisees can be extra proud of their work knowing that they’ve helped to save the environment from the usual caustic oven cleaners.

It’s a great selling point for clients that your cleaning products are company-owned and produced, rather than you using a cleaning product that they could get at the shop. And if they have any doubts about the effectiveness of the products, just wait till they see their gleaming oven afterwards!

What’s more, the products cost far less than you might expect – it usually works out as 3% of your turnover, thanks to bulk manufacture and storage. Re-stocking is easy too, with your State Director holding all of your core stock products.

Heated Process Tank

The Ultimate Labour-Saving Device.

Like the rest of our business model, our process tanks are unique and have been protected under a Registered Design at the Patents Office since back in 1994.

Manufactured from Hygiene Grade materials, our tanks have been shown to stand the test of time – in the UK some of our franchisees have had the same tank for ten years with absolutely no problems! Our tanks made it to Australia more than thirteen years ago, and these are still in great working condition, so you’re very unlikely to need a replacement any time soon.

Ovenu's heated process tank

We’ve made a few improvements to our tanks in the last twenty years, but it’s mostly the same reliable design. The biggest of these was switching the tank, to electricity back in 2007, eliminating the need to drive around with bottled gas in the hot Australian climate! Now all you need to do is heat your tank up before you leave the house in the morning, and then connect it to your client’s power supply when you reach their home.

Tools of The Trade

Getting the Job Done Properly First Time, Every Time.

When you get started we also provide you with all the tools you’ll need and have been trained to work with – including a few secret weapons that we’ll let you in on when you sign up. Having the right tools for the job and being completely comfortable about how to use them is one of the things that will make your franchise a success. We should know, after twenty years of experience!

Professional Oven cleaner cleaning oven

Smart Corporate Workwear

Warm in Winter … Cool All Year Round!

You’ll also be supplied with a selection of premium quality workwear, branded with the Ovenu logo. We have a lot of options to choose from now, so you can get a nice cool cotton shirt for when it’s hot (which is most of the time, really). For winter we have some thicker polo shirts and fleece jackets.

Ovenu's professional oven cleaning outfit

Strong Web Presence

Getting You seen Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

We’ve been doing this for quite some time now, so we’ve gotten our heads around marketing both online and offline. We are active on most popular social media websites, we have local and national websites to point local clients in your direction, and we keep in contact with our existing clients, so the minute you get started you can benefit from what would be months of online marketing efforts.

Screenshots of Ovenu's professional digital marketing material

While you’re busy in your Induction Training and learning everything we have to offer, our experts will be working on a highly-optimised, excellent quality web presence for you and your new business. Unfortunately, nowadays it isn’t enough to brand the van and take out a newspaper advert, and you’ll find that most of your business comes through web enquiries, at least to begin with. That’s why it’s so important you can be found locally and contacted directly, without going through another service.

Aside from our marketing wizardry helping you to rank higher in search engine results, we’ll also invest in a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign to run concurrently.

We have a few more tricks up our sleeve that we’re happy to teach you when you’re in the fold – these will be in your Operation Manual. More about that soon enough!

Our locally-based web pages are built with a responsive design, meaning that they can be viewed on all kinds of devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. This is more important than ever in an age where mobile searches are being used more and more frequently.

We’re often asked if it’s particularly important to be highly promoted online and our answer is always a very solid YES! Internationally, our websites and social media pages attract over 20,000 unique visitors every single month, and the number just keeps rising. Our company has generated millions of dollars of business each year by using the internet, and that’s good news for all of us!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to promote yourself in more traditional ways, however. It simply means that you can get national coverage without the immense costs and work that would go into self-promotion, and can just work on earning a good reputation in your local area.

Speaking of offline media…

Proven Marketing Material

Offline media that gets results!

Another important part of your Start-Up Package is a supply of quality-produced drop-cards which you can personalise for your own use. We’ll also teach you how to use these for maximum effect to gain leads and business.

Ovenu oven cleaning leaflets and stickers

Client Management Software

Making it easy to get in touch!

Yet another feature of our Start-Up Package is a 1300 Smart number as well as a call centre facility to handle it.

Nowadays there’s no need to set up an expensive and stationary landline phone number. We’re at the front of modern technology, and have been investing for twenty years to ensure that your business run smoothly and without a huge investment.

Launch Campaign

Up and Running – but at a pace to suit you.

We want to make sure that you get going with the best possible start, and we can do that by making sure you get leads through as soon as possible. What’s more important than getting fast leads through though is making sure you’re comfortable with the work load. You won’t want to start out your new business venture with a ton of stress so we’ll make sure you don’t have any more work than you can handle.

Green graph showing Ovenu franchisee journey

Getting the right balance between having work and not being too busy is a careful trick. That’s why we have tailored Launch Campaigns for each and every one of our franchisees.

Just as we want you to be comfortable with the van you choose, we want you to be comfortable with your work load. We’ll talk to you about how much you think you can handle, and make sure you aren’t too overwhelmed to begin with by preparing and discussing a plan with you.

Franchisee Focussed Forum

Your Chance to Chat.

You’ll also be given access to our franchisee forum, which has a comprehensive list of discussion topics for almost anything to do with the business. Right now we have over six hundred topics, making the forum an invaluable resource for learning from others.

Ovenu Franchisee forum

Operations Manual

All you need to know.

Our Operations Manual has absolutely everything you need to know about getting your business going and how to get the most from it. The Manual has been amended and adapted for years to evolve with our business model and will be an important reference guide while you work.

Ovenu trade secrets manual

Although we’d love to show some of our Manual online it may fall into the wrong hands or be plagiarised by another company, so we’d rather share it with you in person. We hope you’ll understand the need for privacy!

Exclusive Trading Territory

All scientifically mapped out.

We know that there’s no sense in competing against other Ovenu franchisees, which is why everyone gets their own exclusive territory. We don’t just pick and choose areas though – we like to make our decisions based on science.

You wouldn’t want to have territory in an area where most of the inhabitants are unemployed, as your business wouldn’t do very well. To make sure this doesn’t happen we use a combination of postcode boundaries and geo-demographic information to work out the optimal territories for our franchisees while still being exclusive.

The geo-demographic information lets us know what types of properties are in which areas, what kind of people live in them and what their income is, as well as the type of property found in the area. All of this is important so that you don’t have a whole territory of high-rise flats!

Backed by all of this extensive research, we will of course discuss with you what works best, and then allocate you your very own territory.

Start-Up Costs

Now, on to the money stuff. A Start-Up Package, which includes everything we’ve mentioned here as well as a minimum of 35,000 homes in your exclusive territory, is priced at $39,500 + GST.

You may also be able to buy another franchisee’s business, complete with their hard-earned customers.

And that’s all, folks!

Hopefully, this information has been useful in understanding our franchise model, our ethos and our dedication to welcoming you as a valued member of our ever-growing network.

With twenty years of experience in the UK and nearly ten in Australia, we won’t just leave you to sink or swim but will be behind you every step of the way.

So what’s the next step?

Fill your details into the form on the page and we’ll get in touch straight away with a summary of the information on this page, as well as some more of the financial details, including things like our fixed Management Fees, our trading history to date and the kind of potential earnings you could achieve.