Ovenu Featured on Healthy Homes Australia

Following on from their feature in the last season of Healthy Homes Australia, Daniel and Pedro have been called in once more, this time to clean an oven in a rental property in Melbourne.

In this short clip from the show, hosts Dani and Walt welcome our technicians into a property that’s in desperate need of our services:

It’s always satisfying to see an oven returned to it’s former glory. This video shows us the great work that our technicians like Pedro and Dan get done and highlights just how meticulous they are with their jobs.

Cleaning an oven is no one’s favourite chore. It can simply take too much time and often proves to be a thoroughly unpleasant experience, especially when you purchase caustic oven cleaning products from the shops. Thanks to their training and experience in the field, our technicians can dismantle and clean your oven from top to bottom  – all without the use of harmful chemicals.

If you’re interested in getting your oven cleaned then you can type your postcode into the box on the right and see which technicians are servicing your area.