Parents Keep It Clean For Their ‘Kidults’

Practical parents across Australia are increasingly calling in the professionals to help their undomesticated offspring stay on top of everyday household chores.

Ovenu, a leading supplier of professional domestic oven and barbeque cleaning services, has reported seeing an increase in the number of enquiries received from parents, keen to make a booking on behalf of their grown up children.

Janet and Bernard Bannon, owners of Ovenu Australia, said: “We are hearing from more and more parents who are concerned that their grown up children are not tackling everyday chores effectively, because they are just too busy at work or looking after children of their own.

“It’s long been joked about that grown up children may pop home to Mum with bags of dirty washing, but it appears that they are now also getting help with other areas of cleaning, including their dirty ovens!”

Cleaning the oven has long been one of the most hated household chores, with all the awkward nooks and crannies, and the unpleasant build-up of dirt and grease that can occur.

The Ovenu cleaning service involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves and placing them into design-registered equipment, which uses non-caustic products to clean the oven parts. The whole process takes around three hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

MUM KNOWS BEST – some ways parents may be helping their offspring

  • Booking a professional oven clean
  • Doing their laundry
  • Getting them a cleaner
  • Ordering their groceries to be delivered
  • Babysitting
  • Doing the gardening
  • Cooking up freezable plates of food

Around the World

According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, 30-something singles in Italy who still rely on their mothers are nicknamed ‘Bamboccioni’, literally translated as grown-up babies. While in Germany they are known as Nesthocker, German for an altricial bird which needs parenting.

Ovenu Australia provides professional domestic oven and BBQ cleaning and detailing services to householders, landlords and schools across the country. The firm is now working for over 100,000 clients every year, via its Australia-wide network of experienced technicians.