Ovenu – Oven Cleaning for Landlords

Oven cleaning for landlords

Discerning landlords throughout Australia use the Ovenu service on a regular basis. This ensures that all the cooking appliances and accessories are in pristine condition for the in-coming tenant.

All of our franchise owners throughout Australia work with hundreds of private Landlords and Letting Agents so we know what’s expected of us and we’ll try to make certain we deliver on those expectations every time we’re called. Whether it’s work that needs doing at short notice, collecting and delivering keys or even weekend work, we’ll do our best to help.

As the rental sector becomes the only option for many in the coming months, it is natural for a landlord to want to present his or her property in outstanding condition throughout to attract a quality tenant and a good monthly rental.

Having a sparkling clean range, immaculate oven and gleaming hob before the tenancy begins will also entitle the discerning landlord to request that the items be restored to their shiny best at the end of the tenancy agreement. It’s only fair for a landlord to have a tenant re-invest in the highest quality Ovenu service as he/she did initially.

Ovenu – Oven Cleaning for Tenants

With many more rental properties coming onto the market, tenants have more to choose from. Although location, location and location are still very high on the list of requirements, the overall condition of property is rising rapidly up the list of requirements. What could possibly be worse than spending all day moving boxes into a ‘new’ property, deciding to cook at the end of a long, hard day to find that the smoke alarm triggers when the oven is turned on?

It may be better to inspect the oven whilst looking over the rental property before signing the agreement and if all is not well, suggest to the landlord that the Ovenu oven detailing service would be a good call to make before you actually moving in.

Let’s face it, most of us can live with remnants of our own making but the thought of inheriting somebody else’s just isn’t a pleasant prospect!

If you are an existing tenant coming to the end of your agreement period, please remember that your landlord will need the cooking appliances restored to the condition they were when you moved in and they may also keep back a portion of your deposit to cover the Ovenu fee if this isn’t done.

So, if you are a landlord looking to protect your investment or a tenant looking to restore the cooking appliances to ‘good as new’ condition, why not find out how much it costs to have your oven cleaned today and then call us on 1300 683 681, or send us an enquiry using the contact form.