What’s Your Favourite Seasoning?

Ken Haining of Ovenu Point Cook had a surprise in store when he found the damaging effects of store-bought oven cleaners at one client’s home.

“A recent client purchased a popular supermarket oven cleaning aerosol to try and clean out her oven. It didn’t work.

When I was called in to clean the oven, I removed the back panel to be confronted with this:

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Not only was the back panel covered in the remnants of the aerosol cleaner, the galvanised fan had large sections of corrosion on it.

After removing the lingering residue of this cleaner, the oven back wall was left almost pristine, apart from small traces of the aerosol that had impregnated the enamel.


If these highly caustic aerosols can damage your oven, imagine what they are doing to your family’s meals when you are effectively seasoning your food with the oven cleaner!”

All of Ovenu’s oven cleaning products are non-caustic and biodegradable. We were dismayed by the number of dangerous chemical products on the market, and endeavoured to create an exclusive cleaning product that wouldn’t damage the oven, or the residents of the home.

Store-bought aerosol oven cleaners are everything we stand against. Not only are they horrifically unfriendly toward the environment, their corrosive nature can damage the insides of your oven irreparably, and hurt any living creatures nearby. With corrosive or caustic substances, it’s usually recommended not to have any children or pets in the vicinity, and pregnant women or asthma sufferers shouldn’t go anywhere near them!

If you want to know more, check out What’s Really In Your Cleaning Products.

Our liquid degreaser is water-based and works fantastically on extractor hoods, buttons and dials, while also being fresh-scented – forget about the horrible chemical odor!


Our carbon remover is a little heavier duty, and is great at removing those burned-on bits of food that can cause smoke and bad tastes in your food. There’s absolutely no caustic soda in it, and it’s even safe to use on self-clean ovens.

OVENU uses non caustic and totally biodegradable products when cleaning your cooking appliances. If you would like more information on the cleaning products we use, please go to: https://www.ovenu.com.au/oven-cleaning-company/oven-cleaning-products