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Why choose Ovenu Western Australia to clean your oven?

  • Dedicated trained specialists – We only clean cooking appliances. Oven cleaning is our speciality.
  • Local oven cleaners – We’ve been rated 5-stars by hundreds of satisfied customers over the years, proving our commitment to the highest standards.
  • Years of experience – All of our oven cleaners are given extensive training to tackle dirty ovens of all shapes and sizes.
  • Safety always comes first – We only use exclusive eco-friendly products to clean your ovens.
  • Always free from harmful chemicals – Your oven is returned to its shiny best without any caustic soda or noxious fumes.
  • Convenient – Restore your oven to like-new condition, keep your hands clean and save time out of your day.

Find your local Ovenu technician by entering your postcode in the box below. You can also get in touch by filling in your details on the enquiry form at the bottom of the page or call our Call Centre on 1300 683 681.

What does a professional oven cleaning process include?

  • Travel to your home – Our oven cleaners will travel to your home at a time that suits you.
  • Dismantling all removable parts – Every part of your oven is cleaned by our exclusive products.
  • Soaking parts in our specialist soak-tanks – Your oven is returned to gleaming near-showroom condition – inside and out!
  • Cleaning inside the oven glass – We’ll split the door on your oven and clean it to remove any streaks that have gotten between the glass.
  • Removing racks and panels – We’ll take out the racks and side panels, removing the back panel and the fan.
  • Clean the interior and roof of your oven – We’ll remove all traces of carbon and grease.
  • Reassembling the oven – We’ll piece it back together with the sparkling clean components.
  • Final polish – We’ll polish the glass and dials to a bright finish, making it easier for you to keep clean.


How long does a typical oven clean take?

All ovens are different, and each type and model comes with its own quirks. As such a typical professional oven clean can take anywhere between 2-4 hours.

This time will also depend on how much grime and dirt has built up. When you enquire, our oven cleaners will ask you to describe the state of your oven, or ask you to provide a picture.

They’ll then be able to give an estimate of how long they think the job will take.

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How much does oven cleaning in Western Australia cost?

The costs of a professional oven clean will depend on a number of variables including the type of oven and where you’re based.

Our local oven cleaners in Western Australia will be able to give you a free accurate quote for cleaning your oven after you’ve enquired with us.

What types of ovens and appliances do you clean?

We clean all brands and models of oven including:

What cleaning products do you use to clean ovens?

Every Ovenu technician has exclusive access to our range of eco-friendly cleaning products that have been refined over nearly 30 years. These products include:

  • Heavy-duty degreaser powder – This powder is used in our van-mounted process tank and contains no trace of caustic soda. The powder holds grease and fats in suspension, which means that only fresh cleaning molecules are used for every clean that we perform.
  • Degreasing liquid – This water-based liquid is used to produce awesome results when we degrease your extractor hood, control buttons and dials. The Ovenu degreasing liquid is also biodegradable and is also mildly scented to leave a fresh-smelling environment.
  • Carbon remover – This bespoke product is used to tackle the heavily soiled areas within the oven, the oven door, and even your microwave oven. This powerful product smells so good – nothing like the pungent odours you get from using many supermarket aerosols.
  • Stainless steel cleaner and polish – We want you to be absolutely delighted when we’ve finished the job for you so before we leave, everything that we’ve cleaned and detailed will be polished to a shine with this proprietary product.

Oven Cleaning Before and After 2

How can I keep my oven maintained after it’s been professionally cleaned?

Here are a few tips on how to keep your oven in outstanding condition once it’s been professionally cleaned:

  • Wipe down after each use. Spatters of fat and grease can build up in your oven over time. Keep on top of this build-up by wiping down your oven after each use – just make sure it has a chance to cool down first!
  • Cover your food when cooking. Popping a lid or tin foil over your food in the oven may prevent it from browning, but it will importantly stop grease or fat from spitting onto your elements too – worth it in the long run.
  • Clean spills as and when they happen. Save yourself time in the long run and get on spills as and when they happen. Spills are much easier to clean whilst they’re fresh and become harder to remove when they dry.
  • Use a baking sheet as a drip tray. If you have space, try using a spare baking sheet to catch any drips or spills from the baking trays above. This will save you time when cleaning up after and prevent any residue from baking to the bottom.

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About Ovenu Western Australia

  • We now have a team of 6 Ovenu technicians servicing the entire Western Australia area, and with so many vans on the road, we can cover a very wide area.
  • All of our technicians have been trained to the highest standard and we are very confident that you may find cheaper, but you will not find better.
  • Ovenu in Western Australia is comprised of a local network of oven cleaning professionals including Daniel, Pierre, Georges, Rob and Ellaine, Craig and Luke.
  • Each of our oven cleaning professionals has benefitted from our industry-leading training and only uses the best oven cleaning products which they have exclusive rights to as Ovenu franchisees.

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    How do I book an oven cleaning appointment?

    Fill in the form on this page to start your oven cleaning enquiry. You can also get in touch by calling our Call Centre on 1300 683 681.

    Your local oven cleaning franchisee will pick this up as soon as possible and get in touch with a free quote.

    If you’re happy with the price, then we’ll arrange a day and time to come out to clean your oven.

    Are your oven cleaning professionals insured?

    All our oven cleaning technicians are fully insured – this goes beyond 3rd party and public liability, to ensure that you have complete peace of mind when welcoming us into your home.

    How soon after you’ve cleaned can I use the oven?

    You’ll be able to use the oven as soon as we’re finished. There are no dangerous toxic ingredients in our cleaning products, so you can feel confident in cooking straight away.

    We’ll also warm through your appliance before we leave, to make sure that everything is as it should be.

    Do you clean the roof of the oven as well?

    Your oven cleaning technician cleans the entire oven, including the roof of the oven. All of our technicians are trained to dismantle all removable parts from the oven before getting started.

    This allows them easy access to the entire interior of your oven which they’ll be able to restore to its former glory.

    Do you split the glass on the door?

    One of our first tasks is to carefully remove your oven door and split the glass in order to remove any streaks that have built up over the time since you last cleaned it.

    This means that you’ll regain clear visibility of what’s cooking in your oven – something that you might have forgotten was possible!

    Are your chemicals nontoxic?

    All of our proprietary oven cleaning products are environmentally friendly and non-caustic. The products that we use inside your home do not create any noxious or caustic fumes.

    All removable parts of your oven are cleaned in our process tank which remains in the back of our van outside your home.

    Is Ovenu a franchise or a locally run business?

    All Ovenu technicians own their franchise business. Similar to many nationwide chain restaurants, each technician is the owner of their local business. They pay the franchisor a flat monthly fee and then take all earnings from their jobs.

    Are there any openings in Western Australia for me to open as a franchisee?

    An oven-cleaning franchise with Ovenu Australia needs an initial investment. This includes an exclusive territory with a minimum of 35,000 homes, our operations manual, access to our Franchisee focussed forum, a launch marketing campaign, client management software, marketing materials, a strong web presence, workwear, heated process tank, tools of the trade, vehicle signage and comprehensive training to an ISO standard.

    There are currently opportunities for Ovenu franchises in Joondalup, Melville and South Perth.

    Interested in starting your own business? Find out how you can become an Ovenu franchisee.

    Select the region closest to you to find your local oven cleaner, or use the postcode search feature in the menu.