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A cooktop is not just one of the most frequently used cooking appliances – it’s also one of the hardest to keep clean. Everyday usage can quickly lead to grime building up, especially in those hard-to-reach areas.

Even if you take the time and effort to scrub your cooktop regularly, you can quickly find it marked and stained. And with your cooktop constantly on display, that can have a major impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. dirty cooktop

The solution? Hire Ovenu, a professional oven and cooktop cleaning service. Our expert technicians will have your oven and cooktop looking as good as new – and all without you having to spend your precious time scrubbing away!

Read on below to find out more, or fill out the contact form on this page to get a free quote from your local technician.

Benefits of professional cooktop cleaning

  • Expert knowledge. Our oven cleaning technicians have extensive experience working with all types of ovens and cooktops, alongside all other forms of domestic cooking appliance.
  • Specialist equipment. At Ovenu, we use a proprietary range of oven cleaning products to provide deep cleaning with minimal environmental impact. Our technicians also use a unique stainless steel dipping tank to clean any detachable parts.
  • Efficient cleaning. Cleaning your own cooktop can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Let our professionals take over the job for you and you’ll have a sparkling-clean oven and cooktop in no time.
  • Improved lifespan. Any dirt and grime building up on your cooktop can make it less efficient and ultimately reduce its lifespan. With the help of a professional cooktop cleaning service, you can ensure you’ll be cooking up a storm for a long time to come.

Professional oven and cooktop cleaning from local experts

BELINDA IN A VANAt Ovenu, we offer a specialist oven and cooktop cleaning service suited to every need. Whatever the make and model of your oven and whether your cooktop is gas or ceramic, our experts can have them sparkling clean in no time.

Our huge network of local oven cleaning experts extends across Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth as well as the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Albury Wodonga.

Every Ovenu technician is committed to delivering a top-quality service for our customers. But you don’t need to take our word for it – read our customer reviews and see for yourself.

Our oven cleaning experts offer a wide variety of oven cleaning services, too. As well as professional Ovenu and cooktop cleaning, they can also provide range hood and microwave cleaning, and Range ovens like Lacanche, Viking, Falcon and AGA. So, whatever your oven cleaning needs, look no further – Ovenu can tackle even the dirtiest cooking appliances with ease.

Our cooktop cleaning process

1.   Arrival and inspection

Your local Ovenu technician arrives at the time you arranged during the booking process. They will then inspect your oven and cooktop to make sure there’s nothing unexpected to deal with and to put a plan in place for delivering a deep, effective cooktop cleaning service.

2.   Dismantling and soaking

Our technician will remove any detachable parts from your oven and cooktop, including side and back panels of the oven, the racks and the fan. We also remove the door and split the glass to remove those annoying streaks. We also clean the roof and behind the panels. On the cooktop the pot stands and burners. These removable parts will then be taken outside and soaked in our unique stainless steel dipping tank to gradually soften and remove any dirt and grime.

3.   Deep clean of your oven and cooktop

While the detachable parts are soaking, the technician will focus on the oven and cooktop itself. Using our proprietary range of oven cleaning products, they will provide a deep and thorough cleaning to get your oven and cooktop looking their very best.

4.   Reassembling and restoring

Finally, your local oven cleaning expert will remove the freshly cleaned detachable parts from the dipping tank and reassemble your oven and cooktop, taking care to ensure everything is ready to use. Our bespoke cleaning products are non-caustic, so you can use your oven straight away with no nasty fumes.

And there you have it! Your cooktop is now fresh and clean, and you’re ready to enjoy cooking and relaxing in your kitchen once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a professional oven and cooktop cleaning take?

A professional service can vary in the length of time it takes, depending on both the size and the condition of your appliances. Needless to say, a six-burner cooktop with a great deal of baked-on grime will take longer than a four-burner one that’s in better condition!
When you book an appointment, our oven cleaning expert will discuss your specific needs and give you a fixed price. In most cases, however, we would expect a professional oven and cooktop cleaning to take between 1.5 to 3 hours.

How much does professional cooktop cleaning cost?

The cost of a professional oven and cooktop cleaning will depend on the size of the job involved. We will quote you a fixed price when you make an appointment.
Our Franchisees spend their days with their hands full and their heads inside an oven. So when they are on a job, they can concentrate on offering a meticulous service, our calls are handled by a Message Centre. They operate 24/7 and will quickly and efficiently take your postcode suburb and contact details to relay your enquiry to your local area Franchisee without delay. The Franchisee will then return your call as soon as possible, and are able to give your enquiry their full attention. For an accurate quote, fill out our contact form or call our Messaging service on 1300 683 681.

How often should I get my oven and cooktop professionally cleaned?

How often you’ll need to get your cooktop professionally cleaned will depend on how often you use it – as well as how careful you are about cleaning up any mess you make as you cook!
If you only use your cooktop a few times a week or less, then a professional cleaning service every 12 months will likely be enough to get rid of any stubborn grease or grime and keep your appliances looking and working at their best.
But if, like many of us, you use your oven and cooktop on a daily basis, you’ll want to consider scheduling professional cleaning more regularly.

How do I book a professional cooktop cleaning?

At Ovenu, our local oven cleaning experts provide a bespoke service tailored to your exact needs. And it all begins with a discussion of your needs and a free quote. To start the process, simply fill in the form on this page. Your local technician will be in touch shortly to a time that suits you.

What cleaning products do you use to clean your oven and cooktop?

At Ovenu, we are committed to delivering a deep oven cleaning service that won’t do any harm to your oven – or to the environment, either. That’s why we’ve developed our own proprietary range of oven cleaning products. Our products are free from caustic soda and have been approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association. Read more about our exclusive oven cleaning products here.