Five Messiest Foods For Your Oven

Many of us enjoy cooking or baking but the sad truth is, no matter how careful you are, some foods are always going to make a mess.

But which are the worst – and which should you avoid if you’ve just had your oven cleaned?

Roast Dinners


All that meat and grease – not to mention the fact that you have loads of stuff to cook – spells disaster for your oven. Whatever you do, do NOT put tin foil on the bottom of your oven. It can stick, and will take the coating off your oven when you try to remove it.


Homemade Pizza

Cheese and tomato…a dangerous combination once the heat gets high. If you’ve never had a pizza drip through the wire rack, you’re lucky. If the cheese has never bubbled up and over the edge, I envy you.

The easiest way to avoid pizza mess is by putting the pizza on a baking tray and then putting another tray or something similar at the bottom of the oven to catch drips. Whatever you do, do NOT cook a pizza right on the rack!

What a waste of good pizza...
What a waste of good pizza…

Cheesy Bakes

This covers cheesy pasta bakes and macaroni cheese – anything where you’ve got loads of cheese, you’ve got the risk of it bubbling over. It doesn’t just fall straight down either, but somehow manages to attach itself to the ceiling and walls. You’ll probably get it all over yourself when you get it out as well!


Sausages & Burgers

barbecue-88340_1920If you’re doing sausages or burgers in the oven please remember do NOT put tin foil on the bottom of your oven. There are oven baking sheets that you can buy for this purpose.  The fat will spit everywhere and create a huge mess for you to clean up later. Put the meat in the middle of a large tray, preferably with sides – this should minimise the dripping of fat at least.

You can avoid the issue with your oven by doing these on a barbecue, but then you’re going to get that covered in fat as well! It’s not easy to win with meat fat.


Baked Alaska

This isn’t a very common thing to cook but boy can it make a mess! The best way to avoid an explosion of Alaska is to be conservative in your use of ice cream and chocolate sauce, as well as using a dish that’s a fair bit bigger than the actual pudding. Unfortunately, you’re still likely to have some ice cream stuck to your oven by the end of it, but at least you get a delicious treat first!

If you’ve made a mess in your oven lately and don’t have time to clean it, why not call in an oven cleaning technician? Most do barbecues too! Contact us today.