Keeping Your AGA Clean

AGAs are beautiful ovens – and many people who enjoy using their kitchen will want one.

But contrary to popular belief, they are not entirely self-cleaning!

Image belongs to Rbirkby at English Wikipedia

True, the heat inside the oven does carbonise some spills, allowing you to brush off the carbon dust once it’s off, but this is only a temporary measure – every now and then you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and give it a scrub.

Cleaning up immediately after spillages is the easy way to keep the situation in hand, but there is also grease and food particles on the back of your oven, on various compartments and the hot plates and enamel coating.

CAGA Cleaningleaning your AGA by yourself isn’t difficult, but it will take some elbow grease and time. AGA recommends only using non-caustic cleaning products that won’t strip away the vitreous enamel surface – look out for the Vitreous Enamel Association recommendations to make sure you only use products that aren’t going to damage your investment.

If you do find some difficult stains on the hotplates or main oven, you can use a wire brush on any plain cast-iron components.

If any spills are baked onto your enamel get yourself a soap-filled pad (which isn’t too coarse) and wipe away the mess. AGA produced their own e-cloths, but don’t ever use a cold, wet cloth!

The inner linings of the doors, and the insulating lids, can be cleaned with a cream cleanser or a soap-filled pad.

We would of course recommend that you leave this very important job to professional oven cleaners – our products are all approved the Vitreous Enamel Association, so you can be sure that no damage comes to your AGA!